You Should Be Dancing – Here’s BRITE SPIRES With ‘YOUTH MOVEMENT DISCO’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


16 June 2020

BRITE SPIRES‘ genesis has been beset by both a global pandemic and a changing line-up but this gathering of talent from around the world has a confidence and deftness which belies their relatively short time together with new singer, Natalia Stark who escaped
the clutches of the Russians as a small child in her native Georgia, growing to become
first a classical musician, then a go-go girl and international model.

The band reworked their 2019 single YOUTH MOVEMENT DISCO , a swirling dance corker with an ecstatic swing. You have no reason to not get up, stand up, and fight for your right to party all night long. The song’s sensual vibe and Stark‘s sexy voice titillates your senses, increases your body temperature and intoxicates you with a healthy dose of exhilaration euphoria. Turn your living room into a mini disco ballroom and jump for joy. We can all use some mind and body-pleasing distraction right now.

Shake your sweaty booty here…


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