Black And White Reflections – Swedish Electro Artist FLYCKT Released Moody Debut Single ‘SPOTLIGHT’

17 June 2020

(photo by Bingo Rimér)

Swedish musician and songwriter Flyckt (real name Rasmus Flyckt) previously a
member of successful Swedish band Urban Cone, starts his solo journey with
debut single SPOTLIGHT.

Flyckt elucidates: “Spotlight was one of the first songs I wrote after I got out of a toxic relationship with my then-girlfriend. I remember thinking to myself why I let this go so far. Everyone is in the Spotlight in their lives, and maybe that can be counterproductive in some sense. Like, it’s harder to take action cause you’re afraid that everyone is gonna judge you. I believe this song was a message to myself saying that it’s gonna be fine. If you want change,
you have to take action.”

Spotlight has the same sonic sentiments as Billie Eilish mega-hit ‘Bad Guy‘. Enigmatic, puzzling, and tremendously groovy. A delicate and affecting electro tune, coming straight out of a film noir. Music for the twilight hours, while sitting in the dark in your bedroom, thinking about what went wrong in the past, looking for answers to secure your future.

Here’s the freak show…

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