Nostalgic Splendor At Its Best – Here’s Captivating Opus ‘EXODUS’ By KETCH HARBOUR WOLVES

18 June 2020

KETCH HARBOUR WOLVES is an emo power pop act from Toronto.
Their new full length AVALON will come out on 10th July.

Ahead of it here’s brand new single EXODUS. The low-spirited song is about Toronto, “a reflection on a city undergoing massive change: influxes and exoduses, appropriations and dispossessions, caused by intentions that range from the benevolent to the unkind. A love letter to a city that is becoming unrecognizable to itself, set against the promise and melancholy of spring” says songwriter Jonathan Tyrrell.

Exodus is a marvelous pop symphony. Heart-rending and emotion-charged. A majestic piece de resistance with the elevating flair of The Killers and the gripping sensitiveness of The National. Nostalgic splendor at its best with a stupendous orchestration, a captivating melodiousness, and a stirring tristesse. Topflight songwriting. Oh, yes, pretty special.

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New album AVALON out 10th July

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