THE WHITE STRIPES – Second Album ‘DE STIJL’ Released 20 Years Ago

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21 June 2020

Band: The White Stripes (Detroit, US)
Active: 1997–2011
Album: De Stijl – their second LP
Released: 20 June 2000 – 20 years ago

Stereogum writes: “An upstart two-piece garage-blues band from Detroit, one that has a couple of records out on a subgenre-specific indie label, probably will not get the chance to change the world, to capture the hearts of millions… Everyone who encountered the White Stripes in the ‘De Stijl’ era has a “holy shit” story about it. Me, when my roommate Janet brought home a copy of De Stijl and played “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)” on the CD boombox in the living room of an art-student flophouse: “Holy shit.” My wife, when she saw the White Stripes open for Sleater-Kinney at the 9:30 Club: “Holy shit.” The White Stripes were bright and bold and haughty and theatrical. They had riffs and hooks and swagger. They stood out. If you heard them once, you wanted to hear more. And if you looked into what they were doing, there was plenty beyond the riffs and hooks and swagger.”

Keywords: Holy shit, one of their best ‘raw and rough’ performances, Jack White shows
how he would turn the blues into a massive 21st Century success, I love Meg, holy shit
Key tracks: You’re Pretty Good Looking ‘For A Girl) / Apple Blossom / Death Letter / Sister, Do You Know My Name / Let’s Build A Home

Full album…


2001, Brussels, in a 150 cap club, talking with Jack White before the gig. Fantastic memory!

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