Growing Old In Grand Style – ‘ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS’ By BOB DYLAN

23 June 2020

Artist: Bob Dylan 
Album: Rough And Rowdy Ways 
Released: 19 June 2020 – his 39th (!) studio album

Pitchfork writes: “Six decades into his career, Bob Dylan delivers a gorgeous and meticulous record. It is the rare Dylan album that asks to be understood and comes down to meet its audience… There are no distractions; he speaks carefully, quietly, earnestly… It results in a gorgeous and meticulous record. The lyrics are striking—dense enough to inspire a curriculum, clever enough to quote like proverbs. Played by his touring band, with understated appearances from Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, the music is a ghostly presence. Its sound is threadbare and hypnotic, backed by small choirs and acoustic instruments, a sharp turn from the raucous blues reenactments of his 21st-century records.” Full review here – Score 9/10

Key phrase: Robert Zimmerman is the best singer-songwriter ever
Singles: False Prophet / Murder Most Foul (the brilliant JFK assassination saga)





Album in full…

BOB DYLAN: Facebook  


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