Uplifting And Alarming – Here’s New Single ‘ENERGY CZAR’ By THE ZOLAS

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23 June 2020

After 2016’s radio-smashing, Juno-nominated breakthrough album Swooner
Vancouver’s amplified pop trio THE ZOLAS are ready for a new adventure and
a new direction.

We thought it was hilarious to make a Britpop record at a time when nobody but us is
listening to that, but we have our little clique and that made us more excited to do what
we want and say fuck it to how it might be received.”

About the new album: “There’s so many sounds we love that came out of the mid-90s UK; Britpop and acid-house and trip-hop all carrying on in parallel scenes. If felt right to cross-pollinate this album with all of that,” Gray says. “So we’d write simple songs in our jam space and then steal sounds from the Prodigy or Primal Scream or the Happy Mondays or Tricky whenever it felt good.”

First single ‘ENERGY CZAR is about the narcissism and self-loathing
that comes with being a human being in the 21st century

It’s a sickly sticky pop banger that activates your lazy bloodstream on the spot. Make
some room and start swinging, swaying, shaking and swirling. As long as high-spirited
and electrifying tunes like this uplift our mood, without losing sight of reality, we can only aspire that humankind will learn that we need tolerance, equality, and respect for one another, to survive on this messed-up planet Let’s hope and believe.

Here we go…

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(photo via PR agency Auteur Research)

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