Swinging Ska Lockdown With Special NEVILLE STAPLE And Wife SUGARY STAPLE…

New sonic impulses…

24 June 2020

The original Rude Boy NEVILLE STAPLE – founder and co-frontman of The Specials,
Fun Boy Three
and Special Beat – and his wife Sugary Staple wrote a vintage 2Tone
style single called ‘LOCKDOWN’. A swinging ska shaker about the surreal times the
whole planet experienced.

“Sugary came up with the idea to write a song about the lockdown, which, at first, was a very fast-stomping ska track. We then realised that it was too fun and happy a tune for the theme. Most of us have been quite down about the whole virus thing, so we decided to take it on a more sweet but moody 2Tone reggae route, in a similar vein to ‘Ghost Town’, with some music we had worked on previously with Sledge (Steve Armstrong),” said Neville Staple.

Swing your hips right here…

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