Sonic Groove Orgasm – New Single ‘MAN OF CHAOS’ By Vibrant Nashville Rockers FLIGHT ATTENDANT

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26 June 2020


Who: Psychedelic space rocker blending heavy rock and grunge with pop hooks and light synth textures. They fearlessly bring together influences that span from Kings of Leon to Vivaldi and Lana Del Rey. “I think you could find some of our future tracks on ISS Radio in the year 2050” says frontwoman, Karalyne Winegarner of the band’s sound.

Track: MAN OF CHAOS Winegarner stated about the new single: “‘Man Of Chaos’ shines
a light on that dark and creeping chaotic energy slowly seeping through the cracks of social turbulence. It is about waking up to a certain side of yourself. Chaos is a catalyst for change, and I hope
that our expression of it via this song can help to somehow tip the scale towards that unapologetic change so many are long overdue.”

Score: Just like that, this morning in my inbox, one of this year’s best singles. I repeat,
one of this year’s best singles. Fact! ‘Man Of Chaos‘ is a flaming groove banger driven
by a motorik drum beat. A feverish cracker and jaw-dropping power stroke your limbs
just can’t resist. The sensual, magnetic and spellbinding vocals create a sort of delirious trance. And when, unexpectedly, bouncy strings kick in as a harbinger for a vibrant finale you’ll reach a sonic orgasm. A game-changer indeed! You need to see your doctor if your bloodstream doesn’t boost on hearing this five-star knockout.

Let’s roll…

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  1. Leanna Sumi-Winegarner · June 27, 2020

    Go sister go!!!!!!!

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