Bewildering Emotionality – FEAR OF MEN Return With Brand New Single ‘INTO STRANGENESS’

2 July 2020

(Photo by Eleanor Hardwick / Styling by Harriet Byczok)

Since Brighton’s amplified dream-pop trio FEAR OF MEN released their highly
praised album Fall Forever it seemed like they went into quarantine for four
years. But the band is back now with brand new single INTO STRANGENESS.

Frontwoman Jess Weiss wrote in a press statement “It’s been a strange and extremely charged 4 years since we last released music. It’s been overwhelming and painful, hopefully leading to tangible positive change. In contrast, this time has personally brought a lot of healing, shutting the door finally on elements that have been toxic and draining in my life for too long. This song is an assertion of a voice, a cry of independence. It’s a song about the role
of words in constructing the self. We create ourselves like books, and I’m ready to tell a different story.”

A steady repetitive drum beat, gloomy guitar lines, freaky jazzy saxophone fragments
and Weiss’ magnetic voice all come organically together. Into Strangeness is a piece of bewildering emotionality. Both curious and catching. Terrific comeback.

How far will you follow me into strangeness
How far will you follow me into strangeness
Let the demon live inside your pages
Let the demon know that you’re alone

Here’s their impressive DIY video…

Also on Spotify

FEAR OF MEN: Facebook

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