Kooky Post Punk Galvanism – Here’s MIRROR GLAZE With New Stroke ‘COTTON CANDY HEARTS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


5 July 2020

From Hamburg Germany please welcome MIRROR GLAZE. They also like to call themselves “Garage Surfers from Hippie Beach“. A short description for their groovy, bloomy, surfy, rock ‘n’ roll lo-fi, reverb sound. They offer a rock ‘n’ roll flashback, in
perfect synergy. Like Bob Dylan and Patti Smith had a child in the early 60s, which is adopted from “Dead Moon“ in the late 70s. Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

The four-piece dropped ‘COTTON CANDY HEARTS‘, the second cut from their debut EP
At the Sugar Factory. A kooky flare-up with mental guitars, mental chords, and mental post-punk screams. It’s a weirdly groovy uppercut hitting you between the eyes while sounding like 70s New York’s new wavers Television after a 24-hour drink marathon.
Yes, I know, this is wicked galvanism screwing your messed-up head. Hallelujah!

The accompanying video drag us across the extinct Reeperbahn – made world-famous by The Beatles – contains explicit language, use of alcoholic beverage, and black magic rituals that some viewers might find upsetting…

While you’re here check also UNDERCOVER LOVER, the first piece of the EP…


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