Top singles from the past…

7 July 2020

Band: Kasabian – (Leicester, UK)
Active: since 1997
Single: Goodbye Kiss
Third single from their fourth LP
B-side: Narcotic Farm
Released: 20 February 2012
Album: Velociraptor! – fourth album

Turning slowly, looking back, see
No words, can save this, you’re broken and I’m pissed
Run along like I’m supposed to, be the man I ought to
Rock and Roll, sent us insane, I hope someday that we will meet again

Goodbye Tom

Out of the blue frontman Tom Meighan announced that he leaves the group.
Damn! One of the best live bands I ever witnessed. Here’s why…

KASABIAN: Facebook

(photo: Turn Up The Volume! Utrecht, The Netherlands – 2015)

I just read the news about Meighan that he pleaded guilty to assaulting
his former fiancee Vikki Ager while smelling heavily of intoxicants,
which of course is bloody malicious! No excuses for attacking women!

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