Punk Pioneers THE STOOGES Released Second Longplayer ‘FUNHOUSE’ 50 Years Ago

7 July 2020

Band: The Stooges
Active: 1967–1971, 1972–1974, 2003–201
AlbumFunhouse  – the band’s second LP
Released: 7 July 1970 – 50 years ago today

Rolling Stone wrote:  “With garage-savvy ex-Kingsmen keyboardist Don Gallucci producing their second album, the Stooges’ relentless “troglodyte groove” was allowed to run psychotically rampant. “I stick it deep inside,” Iggy Pop growls on “Loose.” And the punk torpedoes like “T.V. Eye” make good on that promise.”

Key phrase: “The passenger having fun with his lust for destruction.
Keywords: Mean punk machine, still your dog, ruinous bluster, maniacal tantrums

Have FUN here……


Back sleeve

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