Metal Middle Finger To All American Hypocrites – JELLO BIAFRA Back With New Slam ‘TALIBAN USA’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


7 July 2020

Ex-Dead Kennedys maestro JELLO BIAFRA and his band THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL
is back after seven years. Now that the USA is about to explode we waited for Biafra to come out and raise his middle finger. Which he does now, attacking the hypocrisy of the conservative anti-abortion movement, and all who condemn the pro-choice movement that defends the legal access to induced abortion services. A middle
finger to his country’s violent history, its constitutional right to carry a gun and the countless mass-shootings.

TALIBAN USA is a red-hot-blooded metal crackerjack with Biafra doing what he does best, spitting and sneering to ventilate his deep-rooted anger. It’s a raging in your face blast, full steam ahead. America is sick, America is divided, America is led by an ultra narcissistic megalomaniac. Time for action!

‘Taliban USA’ is the first track from the upcoming new album TEA PARTY REVENGE PORN this fall via Biafra’s label  Alternative Tentacles Records.

Press play and scream along at the top of your lungs…


(photo on top: Facebook Jello Biafra)

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