La Vita E Bella – Your Electro Summer Starts Here With MERCI FCKING BEAUCOUP

9 July 2020

When summer has arrived your feet and hips can always count on French electronic
junkie MERCI FCKING BEAUCOUP for a matching cocktail soundtrack. Last year he
activated our lazy body movements with his EP AMOUR PARTIE*A and this year he
will adrenalize your tired frame of mind with the follow-up EP AMOUR*PARTIE B.
Simple comme bonjour.

A 4-track trip starting with ambient love stomper ‘OK. D’ACCORD, followed by horns-colored banger LA VITA E BELLA, a twinkling disco-ball groove fueled by funky dance rhythms inviting you to move in exotic ways. Add sexy Italian vocals and your imagination will definitely be triggered. The perky party goes further with punch-drunk jive 3 VOICES and closes with IMPERFECTION, an extended dreamy electro cruise with atmospheric flute fragments.

Oh yes, life can taste so good when being in the right mood.
La vita è Bella, indeed. Time to forget this bizarre isolation period
for a while, preferably at the warm and sunny French Riviera.

Hey boy, hey girl, superstar DJs, here we go…

I knew you wanted more.
Let’s continue the festivities


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