Punchy Punk And Peppery Power Pop – New Second Full-Length ‘JUMP ROPE GAZERS’ By THE BETHS…

10 July 2020

Base: New-Zealand
Album: JUMP ROPE GAZERS – second LP
Released: 10 July 2020

Info:“Songwriter and lead vocalist Elizabeth Stokes worked on what would become The Beths’ second LP, Jump Rope Gazers, in between intense periods of touring. Like the group’s earlier music, the album tackles themes of anxiety and self-doubt with effervescent power pop choruses and rousing backup vocals, zeroing in on the communality and catharsis that can come from sharing stressful situations with some of your best friends. Stokes’s writing on Jump Rope Gazers grapples with the uneasy proposition of leaving everything and everyone you know behind on another continent, chasing your dreams while struggling to stay close with loved ones back home.” – Carpark Records

The Line Of Best Fit says: “Where their debut focused on the anxieties and self-doubts that overshadow everything else, Jump Rope Gazers searches for solace in community… They certainly haven’t forgotten how to write those big, excellent tunes filled with hooks and pithy observations… Not a single minute of Jump Rope Gazers is lacking in catchy melodies or that addictive energy.” Full review here. Score: 8.5/10

“If you’re at a certain age, all your friends scatter to the four winds,” singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes says. “We did the same thing. When you’re home, you miss everybody,
and when you’re away, you miss everybody. We were just missing people all the time.”

Key phrase: “Sometimes life is too hard to be
alone and sometimes life is too good to be alone.”

Keywords: Punchy punk, peppery power pop,
sassy slacker, reflective reveries, velvet vocals

Singles: I’m Not Getting Excited / Dying To Believe / Out Of Sight




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