Curing Wave – New Puzzling Single ‘WE SHARE THE SAME STARS’ By One-Man Band THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT

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16 July 2020

Born and raised in Chicago, now LA-resident, dark post-punk waver VINCE
is the man behind THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT. He bought his first guitar
at 23 and started playing in local Chicago bands before moving to Los Angeles.
His eponymous debut album is planned to be out later in the year.

His new single WE SHARE THE SAME STARS – officially out on 28th August – brings
heroic 80s dark dreamers like Depeche Mode, Joy Division and Bauhaus to mind. But
this melancholic meditation sounds like a fan tribute to pop noir icons The Cure . An appropriate performance driven by twilight guitars, propelled by a relentless drum/bass beat, spiced with sparkling synths and Grant‘s heart-to-heart vox completing the double-edged picture. I’m sure Robert Smith would approve this bona fide effort.

In the sky
the sun has faded
it’s all related
you and me
twilight mourns
an image of the day
sentiments relayed
to the sea


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