R.I.P. Andy Gill – Listen To Tribute EP ‘ANTI HERO’ By GANG OF FOUR

New sonic impulses…

19 July 2020

Active: 1976–1984, 1987–1997, 2004–2020
Released: 17 July 2020

Info:Gang Of Four wqs one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands from the British punk scene in the late ’70s. Thye took the possibilities presented by punk and brought them to wild and unexpected places, both musically and philosophically. Thier music fused tough funk rhythms, jagged shards of Andy Gill’s metallic guitar, and lyrics that filtered Marxist theory through the realities of daily life into a sound that bore little resemblance to any other group when they released their legendary  debut album, Entertainment!, in 1979.” 

R.I.P. Andy Gill: 1 January 1956 – 1 February 2020
He was an early victim of the Covid-19 pandemic

NME says: “With one of Gill’s final songs, re-works of old material and and an homage, this farewell record is fragmented but at times extremely moving… swansong blurs line between tribute and posthumous EP… None of ‘Anti Hero’s constituent parts are unenjoyable – ‘Forever Starts Now’ and ‘Change The Locks’ are excellent, in fact.”

EP in full…

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