Read My Lips: This Is Great Pop Music – ‘GASLIGHTER’ By THE CHICKS

20 July 2020

Who:  Country trio formed in 1989 as Dixie Chicks featuring singer Natalie Maines
and multi-instrumentalist sisters Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Strayer
Album: GASLIGHTER– eight LP (first as The Chicks)
Released: 17 July 2020 – the first LP in 14 years

Key phrase: “Either you love country music or you’re wrong.”Earl Dribbles

Rolling Stone wrote: “The Chicks are ready to speak the thorny truth once more. This time,
the conflict is coming from inside the house: Much of Gaslighter is centered on Natalie Maines’ acrimonious divorce from her longtime husband… The resulting album is uneven and heartfelt, polished in its production and yet at times so brutally honest that Pasdar tried to block its release based on a confidentiality clause in his and Maines’ prenup. Emotions feel immediate
on the LP, as though the ink were still drying on the page… It makes sense, then, that while the Chicks have always stood for liberation and speaking truth to power… It suggests that the band is ready to escape the madness and settle down, or at least settle in, to more languid careers at their own pace. Maybe this time, they’ll finally outpace the flames.
” Score: 3/5.

Singles: Gaslighter / Julianna Calm Down / March March





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