RATM Is Dead! Long Live SAVING JACKIE – Listen To Their Slam Dunk ‘MY FAITH IS LARGER’…

22 July 2020

Band: SAVING JACKIE (San Antonio, Texas)

Who: Three former members of Jackie On Acid (JOA) reunited with a new vibe to create Saving Jackie. in 2019. After encountering life’s struggles and strife, the group returned last April to share a message of how they overcame life’s major trials with a new 3-track EP.

Track: MY FAITH IS LARGER – opening cut from recent EP

: What you get is a shattering, storming slam dunk with the merciless power of a wall-crushing iron ball. A hot-tempered sucker-punch triggering every single nerve, every single muscle, and every single vein in your shuddering body. If you’re still mourning the loss of Rage Against The Machine, it’s time to dry your eyes, to rise from your bed, to put on your black leather jacket, to invite your metal-adoring demons, to not do what they tell you and to go mental to Saving Jackie. What are you waiting for? Press play right here …

Keep going! Here’s
the EP in full


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