About Their Generation – Here’s Up And Coming Indie Team PRIESTGATE With Delirious Anthem ‘NOW’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 July 2020

PRIESTGATE is an up and coming five-headed indie team from East Yorkshire, UK.
After a stellar year of experimentation, abstraction, and performing to ever more enlivened crowds, they are ready to conquer your world with ‘NOW’. The band’s
“ode to understanding life the way it really stands.”

Now is a delirious lust for life anthem that triggers your adrenalin’s rush instantly.
Its overwhelming swagger and hopeful perspectives makes you want to scream out
loud and jump around your bedroom like a madman. This is why exhilarating music is so bloody important. It’s spicy food for the soul, sonic dope for the mind and much-needed vitamins for the body. We need glorious chants like these to reinvigorate our state of mind in these-science-fiction like times. Don’t look back in anger! Enjoy now, act now, live now!

Open your windows and doors
and invite your neighbours
to sing along…

Now that I See
I see what you can be
To see what no one sees


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