Battering And Booming Beats – Here’s ULTRA SUNN With New Darkwave Slam ‘KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED’

23 July 2020

(photo: Kris Parenti)

From Brussels, Belgium here’s darkwave duo ULTRA SUNN
with their new twilight piece KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.

Expect battering and booming beats, nightmarish sound textures, murky dynamics
and enigmatic vocals. Black is the color, black is the tone, black is the mindset.
Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibrations, Sisters Of Mercy‘s catchy gloom and doom hallucinations and Depeche Mode‘s pop noir melodies and what you get is a trip to
a tenebrous underground basement where Ultra Sunn‘s Sam Huge and Gaelle Souflet
are the DJ’s. Dance like it’s 1999 all over again.

Keep your ears open here…

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