It’s Good To Rock Out At Home With THE BOGART JONES BAND – Here’s ‘TAINTED YOUTH’

25 July 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, from Peoria, Illinois please welcome THE BOGART JONES BAND.
A steamy hot band of electrifying desperados born at a kitchen table of a 160-year-old house in the middle of nowhere, with an “I’ll show you Motherfucker” sort of attitude. Yeah!

They’ll soon will release the follow-up to their solid 2014 album 14th & Willow. The lead-single TAINTED YOUTH already saw the day of light some time ago. A reflective song about frontman Wes Simmons’ tumultuous childhood.

It’s a vintage wah-wah guitar loaded blues cracker with all the right ingredients you need to rock out safely, but madly at home. Sultry organs, Lynyrd Skynyrd spirit, electric-powered riffs, a rip-roaring waterfall of licks and hooks, an Americana touch of Tom Petty fire and raw and robust vocals. These devoted motherrockers definitely know what the good old spirit of blues-drenched rumble and thunder sounds like. Sweaty, spicy, and sassy.

Get yourself a six-pack, turn up the decibels and test your speaker’s resilience right here…

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THE BOGART JONES BAND: Facebook – ReverbNation 

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