Move Over Paranoid Dad – Here’s OZZY OSBOURNE’s Daughter AIMÉE Aka ARO Shares New Feverish Single

New sonic impulses…

27 July 2020

About time mental metal icon OZZY OSBOURNE finally retires as his daughter AIMÉE aka ARO released her first single in four years, titled SHARED SOMETHING WITH THE NIGHT.

“The song is like a My Bloody Valentine lullaby for the romantically tormented that struggle
to sleep at night. I wrote it when I was living in New York and feeling pretty alone and lost.
I hadn’t fully connected with who I really was and what that meant yet. Hung up on the
outcome of someone else’s approval of me to determine my own self-worth. This weird
little song was an outlet for a lot of uncomfortability at the time.”
said ARO.

The new piece is an emotional and slow-moving high-energy reverie with a feverish and ardent captivation. Think Lana Del Rey rocking out. Don’t be paranoid or prejudiced, forget her famous father for three minutes ’cause this is a pretty powerful performance…

ARO: Instagram

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