Jaw-Dropping Voice! Hear ‘LOS ANGELES’ By Arresting Songstress ANNABEL LEE

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

ANNABEL LEE is a “force of f***ing nature” who makes pop music with a grunge disposition. Born and raised in North Dighton, Massachusetts, Annabel – born Sarah Borrello – s a hot blooded singer-songwriter summons the intellectual grit of artists like Fiona Apple and Alanis Morrisette, paired with the unorthodox and commanding energy of a punk band playing in a dingy basement.”

She shared a gripping live take of LOS ANGELES, the dangerously glam city of the angels.

Lee about the making of: “The morning I wrote this song I woke up crying. I sat in my bed
with my guitar, hungover- it was raining- a peculiar occurrence here in LA, but something that always stirred up old emotions for me. I wrote the song in about 10 minutes. The most literal thing I’d ever written. It’s the story of how I coped- or didn’t cope- how I used people, destroyed my health, and self-medicated to forget it all. A romantic time. Releasing personal work feels very strange in this climate, but it’s the best small gift I can offer.”

Los Angeles is a jaw-dropping vocal tour de force.
Stripped to the bone tristesse. Dramatic, high-octane
and breath-taking like a female Nick Cave. That tense!

You’re wasting me, Los Angeles
And I can’t go home

Also on Spotify

Now that you’re here watch this dazzling footage of
Annabel Lee‘s recent and truly amazing Drive In Concert
performing the Sex Pistols’ raging punk blast Problems
and other electrical stuff…


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