Original Pirate Material – YARD ACT Electrifies Your Mind With ‘FIXER UPPER’

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4 August 2020


Who: Indie four-piece Formed in 2019 in Leeds. Featuring friends Ryan Needham (Bass) and James Smith (Vocals), George Townend on drums, and Sammy Robinson on guitars.

Pick: FIXER UPPER follows a cocksure fictional character, ‘Graeme’, planning some
home renovations. Yard Act co-instigator Smith explains: “Graeme was inspired by
an amalgamation of people who lived on my street growing up. I think everyone knows a
‘Graeme’, maybe a neighbour or an uncle… sorry if he’s your dad. Not a bad man at heart,
he just sincerely believes he’s from a country and generation that achieved the apex of everything so therefore can’t ever be wrong about anything.”

Score: Prepare for a mind-messing crackerjack that’ll do your head in the way you like it. This funky as bloody hell banger sounds as if Mike Skinner and Sleaford Mods joined forces to experiment with intoxicating guitar riffs to turn up the decibels on for once. Fixer Upper is an electrifying post-punk rap slam with a repetitive bass-tastic groove having an instant bang-up impact on your body movements. Stupendous boombox stuff, stupendous shake-and-quake vibrations, stupendous street story. Original pirate turbulence, indeed.

Here comes Graeme

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