Bristol Newcomers PXPRS Shoot A Hole In The Ozone Layer With Steamy Debut Slam ‘COUP DE GRÂCE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 August 2020

Prepare your greedy ears for a supersonic missile by Bristol fury PXRS, short
for … part x part r section. Their smoking hot heatwave debut single shoots
a big hole in the ozone layer.

Oh yes, COUP DE GRÂCE explodes from the thunderous get-go. From there on
its full steam ahead without looking back. Chainsaw guitars, supersonic speed,
rip-roaring wall-of-punk-punch sound, and edged vocals by singer Nikki Thomas .

It’s is a kinda voodoo spell cast on idiots. A rock n roll howl of rage and despair, kicking
against the pricks of disloyalty, duplicity, dilettantism, amateur hedonism and blatant
treachery, all the while refreshingly unencumbered by politeness. They know who they
says Nikki.

Watch out for PXRS, all you hypocrites out there. They will hunt you and cause scalds
in your ears with their savage sonic vibrancy and razor-sharp rage. Smashing band, smashing debut, smashing swagger.

Alert your neighbours before you press play…

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LABEL: Komplex Recordings

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