Electro Trip Hop & Rap Pop Jukebox – Work Out With New Album ‘THE GOAT’ By JOHN MOUSE

7 August 2020

Artist: John MOuse
Who:  A left of centre artist from Cardiff.  Multifaceted wordsmith with
no-nonsense attitude making no-nonsense music for no-nonsense people.

Album: The Goat – fifth longplayer
Released: 31 July 2020

Info: “When lockdown commenced John MOuse seized the opportunity to create a new
album. Social distancing meant that the music for the album was created Lincolnshire by
long term collaborator Phil Pearce and then sent to John in Cardiff who worked on the lyrics and vocal melody for each track. The result is a typically idiosyncratic and heart on its sleeve, electronic pop album, heavy on spoken word content and catchy chorus hooks, these songs possess musical hints of everyone from Adian Moffat, Momus to early Pulp.”

Key phrase: “A Welsh Superstar and an impassioned performer.”  – Tom Robinson

Keywords: Mike Skinner / Baxter Dury / Ennio Morricone / Mental song titles, mental stories / Tubeway Army / From punchy electro-pop to top trip-hop / From Soft Cell to Sleaford Mods / From here to everywhere & nowhere / Gilbert O’Sullivan, Ray Reardon,
Peter Doherty and James Bond / Alt-disco for a future-inferno / Lockdown blues

Key tracks: All

Check-in and work out…

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