Chaos, Strife And Discord – Here’s Debut Single’ TULSA’ By Passion-Rock Trio ERIIS

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8 August 2020

ERIIS is the new, collaborative musical project of three Belgium based passion-rock amazones, Laura Lee Schultz, Naomi Sijmons and Mirabelle Van De Put. Their mantra is Chaos, Strife And Discord, their sound is as monumental as the cathedral of Notre-Dame
de Paris
(before the fire) and their debut single is nothing less than awesome.

TULSA is a stunning piece of passion-rock about the Tulsa Race Riots that occurred in 1921. A most gripping story told from the perspective of a resident who shelters a black family during the massacre. “They were cold and desolate, I saw them bathe in blood, bathe
in blood blisters. Nowhere to go I gave them bread and sheets to rest. Praying on their beds.”

Woke up to news of fire
Greenwood families burning to the ground
He said to play it cool
Although the planes are gone
They need someone to hang onto

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sonically TULSA resonates like a boiling volcano that can explode any second. You actually can feel physically the pain, anger, frustration, and outrage every time the song’s intensity peaks, making scream buoy Courtney Love sound like a choir girl.

The alternating, emotional voices and melodious harmonies are touching, the clamorous outbursts are both titanic and heartbreaking. Chaos, strife and discord, indeed. This blistering turbo challenges the burning heatwave we experience these days.

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ERIIS: Facebook

Band members: Naomi Sijmons, Mirabelle Van de Put and Laura Lee Schultz
Recorded by Michael Neyt (Oathbreaker)
Mastered by Stuart Killop (Vancity Recorders (Brutus)
Artwork by Mirabelle Van de Put

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