California Dreamin’ – Sunlit Thrills With New Longplayer ‘STUMBLING BLOCKS’ By EXPLODING FLOWERS

10 August 2020

Who: Los Angeles-based quartet. They mix jangle-pop,
mid-80’s ‘Splash Of Colour’ scene, early Creation sound,
The Chills indie buzz, 90’s noise pop, all swirled into their
own modern day hook-filled racket.

Album: STUMBLING BLOCKS – the band’s second LP
Official release: 11 August 2020
Record label: The Beautiful Music

The Big Takeover wrote: “This is a great album, and has enough of the band’s
own identity so prevalent, that it does not fall into the category of monotonous,
or even repetitive. It is something to disappear inside from this modern world of
surrealism.” –
Full review here

Key phrase: “Hey Mister Tambourine Man, play a song for me,
in the jingle jangle morning, I’ll come followin’ you.”
The Byrds

Keywords: Jingle jangle electricity / Teenage Fanclub / The city
of garage rock angels / The Beatles after their first joint / Ray
Manzarek’s Hammond / The Sonics / 12-strings / California thrills

Key tracks: Far, But Never Gone / Billions Just Like You Here Today
/ My Poor Heart / Imagine All Possibilities / Until You Fall Apart /

Full album…


Photo by Aaron Giesel

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