Mechanical Roller Coaster – Irish Turbo ARJUNA’S EYE Shares Video Clip For Album Track ‘CORTEXIPHAN’

Clips that impress eyes and ears

11 August 2020

What once originated in Canada as a one-man project, morphed into a
five-headed, Irish-based metal dragon. Last year they attacked the world
with ear-splitting LP Amalgam  (stream below).

Guitarist Conor Nagle about Cortexiphan: “The track as it is now has been
with us as a song for around 3 or 4 years. About 75% of the guitar parts have
been with me for more than 10 years! The opening melody and the chorus are
the newest arrangements, which really make it more thematic and catchy.”

Expect wall-breaking chaos, monstrous guitars, ghastly drum drones, and
barbarous howls. I know, sounds just like today’s reality. Let’s jump on this
mechanical roller coaster and have some Doomsday fun. File next to your
Slipknot records and the soundtrack of Apocalypse Now!

“I like the smell of Arjuna’s Eye in the morning.

Alert your neighbours before you press play…

Not enough? Here’s Arjuna’s Eye
newest album…

ARJUNA’S EYE: Facebook

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