Counting Forwards For New THROWING MUSES Album ‘SUNRACKET’ – Listen To Shadowy Track ‘FROSTING’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 August 2020

on 4th September. So let’s start counting forwards

“Sun Racket knew what it was doing and pushed us aside, which is always best.
After thirty years of playing together, we trust each other implicitly but we trust
the music more,”
says leading lady Kristin Hersh.

So far we could experience three brisk pieces: ‘Dark Blue’, ‘Milk At McDonald’s’
and ‘Bo Diddley Bridge‘. You can stream this trio below via the Bandcamp link.
Kristin Hersh

And here’s the fourth cut. FROSTING is a harsh rocking stomper to keep you
hot-blooded in winter. A firm stroke pushed by trashing Neil Young guitars
and a relentless drumbeat while Hersh‘s voice sounds like she has a knife
between her teeth. Barbed wire stuff indeed.

“In heaven maybe they don’t call you crazy.
(I wonder what they call you in hell…)

Watch/listen here…


Pre-order facilities right here

(group photo: FB Kristin Hersh)

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