PIXIES Released Third Album ‘BOSSANOVA’ 30 Years Ago Today…

13 August 2020


Band: Pixies (Boston, US)
Active: 1986–1993 / 2004–present
Album: Bossanova – the band’s third LP

Released: 13 August 1990 – 30 years ago today

Rolling Stone wrote: “Pixies have left certain of their attention-grabbing college-band
antics behind. Gone, for instance, are the macabre (and often misleading) song titles once favored by singer, songwriter and chief instigator Black Francis. And the Pixies do not ricochet all over the stylistic map, as they did on Doolittle. Bossanova is more of a straight-ahead rock album — by the Pixies’ standards, meaning it’s still safely off the mainstream. Potent and compelling, Bossanova leaves the listener curiously anticipating the Pixies’ next move..

Key phrase: “We break the rules, but it’s mostly
because we don’t know what the rules are.”
Black Francis

Key tracks/singles: My Velouria / Dig For Fire / Alison




PIXIES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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