Go Berserk Before It’s Too Late To Bull Pit Punch ‘EVERYBODY WILL BE FORGOTTEN’ By Furious FAST FRIENDS…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 August 2020


Who: A Bay Area/Boston/Denmark band that started hanging out in 2015, has been putting out music whenever they feel like it since early 2017, and are now very honored and shocked that Dine Alone Records wants to put out their jams. One of the only things they have gotten good at in life is figuring out how to make loud, catchy music that makes people feel uncomfortable.

Pick: EVERYBODY WILL BE FORGOTTEN – stand-out track of new EP called HI T LO IQ

Score: This paranoia punk punch sounds like Weezer on dope, like Green Day kicking that American Idiot in the face, like the mental result of a lockdown psychosis, like if there’s no tomorrow. Join these brain-breaking motherrockers and shout at the top of your nicotine-lungs when the explosive big bang chorus triggers your Mr. Hyde persona! HELL YEAH!

Go berserk

Still have some fuel in the tank?
No problem. Scream like never before
to full EP… HI T LO IQ


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