24-Hour-Party-Extravaganza – Pirouette Yourself Dizzy To ‘READY STEADY BANG’ By Hot Stuff Team BUGEYE

13 August 2020

Who: A swirling London amazons team creating a supersonic power chord
mash-up of Blondie Vs. Pixies and also blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-
kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures.
Released: 10 July 2020

God Is In The TV – online music zine – wrote: “If this record was a can of cold beer on a hot summer’s day, then it barely touches the side. No sooner has it launched itself from the traps than it seems to be over. It is a disco punk version of being tangoed with a bucket of glitter and vodka… Stick this on loud with a massive gin cocktail, hang multi coloured pants off the lights, put your glad rags on and go nuts. Cos when the lights go out, the nightlife is electric. Don’t
stop. Don’t worry about a breakdown…” 

Key phrase: “Saturday night fever for 24-hour-party people
who were born to be alive while shaking their booty.”

Keywords: Electric ecstasy / Boogie woogie disco / Last night Bugeye saved my life / John Travolta & Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction / Ready steady go / Lockdown frenzy / Fuel for the midnight hours / Shake and bake rapture / Grace Jones sens-sex-uality / Big bangs

Knockout single: When the lights go out

Stream/buy full album here…

BUGEYE: Facebook

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