Cape Town Artist YORXE Is Ready To Conquer The World With New Single ‘LIKE ME’

15 August 2020


YORXE is a Cape Town, South Africa based artist.
Her ambition is “to try to get big enough to hear
my music in other people’s cars in traffic.

With her fourth single this year her conquest is officially started.
Outspoken electro banger LIKE ME has the king-sized quality
to be a global hit. FACT!

It’s a song about “about every brutally honest and unspoken thought you’ve ever
had, specifically topics that are taboo and uncomfortable. The circus-themed anthem
is a collaboration between Yorxe and producer duo “Meridian Quake.”

This sickly sticky earworm could have been on superstar Billie Eilish‘s massively
successful debut album. FACT! Like Me booms out of your speakers with an instant
effect on your longing need to go gaga in these strange times. Big tune, big voice, big sound. World domination is just around the corner. FACT!


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