Amplified Shoegaze Propulsion- Swedish Trio SPUNSUGAR Storms On Brand New Single ‘RUN’

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18 August 2020

SPUNSUGAR is a fresh, self-proclaimed gothgaze Swedish trio.

“We call ourselves an alternative rock band with shoegaze influences. Sound wise,
imagine if Alternative Nation on MTV 1997 and a drum machine fall into a cotton
candy machine. The cotton candy wheel breaks and derails. We grew up farmer
offsprings, bible belt kids of fundamentalists and trailer trash in small towns of
Sweden. These are our references and this shapes our sound”
says the band.

The ambitious three-piece already made a solid impression last year
with their excellent 4-track debut EP Mouth Full Of You. And their first
full length is planned to hit our ears on 2 October via Adrian Recordings.

But first the new single RUN. A speedy ripper storming with pizzazz full steam
ahead from the blistering kick-off, without looking back. A catchy and shoegazy
pop melody amplified with layers of a wall-of-electrifying-guitar reverberation,
pushed by a manic drum/bass beat and adrenalized with feverish, harmonious
vocals. Think Slowdive turning up the decibels up or My Bloody Valentine deciding
to write electrical pop tunes.

Trust me, you’ll be out of breath in the end,
needing an oxygen injection.

Here’s why

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SPUNSUGAR: Facebook – Instagram

Debut album Drive-Through Chapel out 2 October via Adrian Recordings.

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