Cyberspace Romanticism – Debut Single ‘OUTSIDE THE GREEN’ By ST. LORELEI Is A Rhapsodic Beauty

22 August 2020


Who: A New Orleans based indie rock band, formed in 2018, with
goth, dream pop, and country persuasions. All songs are written
and sung by Jo Morris. Her ethereal vocal swells drive each song,
compared often to Dolores O’Riordan and PJ Harvey.

Track: OUTSIDE THE GREEN – a song inspired by The Matrix
hacker hero Neo. It’s the trio’s debut single from their upcoming
debut full length ‘Beast‘.

Score: This is a bewitching humdinger getting you in a state of elated
wonderment from the very start. An irresistible, groovy vibe and Morris
sensual and angelic voice – think Kate Bush, St. Vincent and Cocteau Twins’
Elizabeth Fraser – transfer you instantly to a science-fiction-like place where
you can dream carelessly.

Cyberspace romanticism in motion. Amplified folk-pop magnificence.
And when, after a crackling guitar injection, the intensity grows towards a
rhapsodic, harmony layered climax you know you experienced something
truly special. Wow, indeed!

Trust me, a couple of spins and you’ll be hooked.

Here’s why


You can buy the track here…

ST. LORELEI: Facebook

Debut album BEAST out 20th October

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