BELLY Share Their Shine On Covid Consolation Prize

New sonic impulses…

23 August 2020

This weekend should have been an exceptional one for many Belly fans, as a great
Bellyfest was planned to go ahead at the Colombus Theatre in Providence RI, the
capital of Rhode Island, also the band’s home town. But we all know what science-
fiction-like crisis hit the world, so the festive event had to be canceled. The band just issued a message on their FB-page about their gigantic frustration and simultaneously shared a trio of reworked tracks as comfort and to mark the unforeseen, sad occasion.

First the band’s emotional statement…

Hello everybody. Soooo this was supposed to be our big Bellyfest weekend where we had planned to see all of you and play music with our friends and listen to our writer friends and enjoy our artist friend’s work. Friends. Many of you had already made travel plans to see us in our own home city of glorious Providence RI at the cool old Columbus Theater but a worldwide pandemic exploited by a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as our government had other plans. Bummed does not even come close to describing our disappointment in having had to postpone until next year. We wanted to mark the occasion somehow so we decided to record a couple of acoustics and one crazy ass wheelbarrow remix by our friend PPaul Q Kolderie as a sort of Covid Consolation Prize to help fill the void in what would have been a full weekend of hugs, droplet sharing and squished indoor space with all you beautiful people. We hope you enjoy. Love and miss you all. xo us

Here are the three comforting pieces. A wheelbarrow remix (by Paul Q Kolderie) and acoustic version of Shiny One, an epic highlight from the band’s triumphant 2018 album Dove and an acoustic version of vivid rocker Now They’ll Sleep from their 1995 LP King.

(wheelbarrow remix)



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