Go Your Own Way – Listen To The Inspiring Contemplation ‘TOMORROW IS A BIRD’ By GIULIA MILLANTA

New sonic impulses…

24 August 2020

(Barbara FG Photography)

Singer-songwriter GIULIA MILLANTA is a native-born Italian from Florence
who lives now in Austin, Texas. A creative and prolific artist, she has released
six solo albums so far, touring nationally throughout the USA and internationally.
She has been called smart, pensive, and cool. Her seventh longplayer, entitled
Tomorrow Is A Bird will see the day of light on 16th October.

“While she may be seven albums into her recording career, Giulia Millanta has
never sounded more relevant or exciting than she does right now, if tomorrow
is a bird, Giulia Millanta is ready to take flight.”

After lead-single Sugar Home we can enjoy now the title track TOMORROW IS A BIRD from the upcoming longplayer. A song about putting pressure on yourself all the time
and wondering how we want to live. It’s a sweet shining pearl, a graceful humdinger, a sparkling lullaby. Imagine the bluesy musings of Bonnie Raitt, the romantic introspection
of Joni Mitchell, the mixed emotions of Fleetwood Mac‘s classic gem ‘Go Your Own Way‘, and the glowing melancholy of Chris Isaak. Yes, I know, Millanta’s sonic aura lights up brightly.

Here’s why…

Listen to previous single Sugar Home


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