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24 August 2020

Legendary British punk pop songsmith WRECKLESS ERIC (you’ll definitely remember his classic cracker Whole Wide World) and his wife, the awe-inspiring American voice and compelling songwriter AMY RIGBY live in the beautiful Catskill Mountains located in southeastern New York.

Just like many millions of people, in and outside the US, the musical couple wants to get
rid of that lying hate-preacher and ‘Me, Myself and I’ idiot in the White House. He divided the USA so badly that it will take the country years to recover from this evil lunatic. Eric & Amy turned their burning anger into a steamy uppercut rocker the whole wide world should scream along to. A firm middle-finger slam. Let’s get together and VOTE THAT FUCKER OUT. Exit Trump is the world-saving goal, ladies and gents! Let’s act! Let’s sing…

I never want to see his stupid face again
I never want to hear his name
Except for January 2021
When I yell shame shame shame

C’mon and vote that fucker out
Vote that fucker out
We gotta vote that fucker out
Let’s go!

C’mon, on the top of your lungs right here…

You can buy the track here…

All proceeds from the purchase of this track will be
donated to the American Civil Liberties Union

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