Existential Walesana Angst – Discover The Brand New Album ‘KEEP IT LIGHT’ By STEVEN ADAMS AND THE FRENCH DROPS

26 Augustus 2020


Who: Welsh singer-songwriter and his band. He fronted country pranksters The Broken Family Band throughout the 2000s before calling time at the height of their success. He operated since with multiple name changes and a series of albums ranging from DIY indie rock, intimate folk, experiments in Krautrock and politically-charged widescreen pop. Adams lives in East London now.

Released: 21st August 2020
Label: Fika Recordings

The Making Of: “I love making records but sometimes time, money, or people – including me – fuck up my enjoyment of the process. So this time I kept saying to myself ‘keep it light’ whenever I was making decisions. I did a big chunk of the writing on holiday in the South of France last year. We were staying in this big, rambling house that had a kind of turret room that was cut
off from everything. I’d go up there in the mornings and sit on the floor and feel like a proper artist while everyone else was eating croissants. I wanted to make a super personal, light-hearted and upbeat record. We had a running joke about how we were making an album
called ‘Keep it Light’ that is full of songs about racists and panic attacks and existential angst”
says Steven Adams looking back.

Keyline: “I know I sound like a wanker saying this
but this is the best record I’ve ever made.”

Key references: Billy Bragg, Richard Thompson,
James Dean Bradfield, The National, Mike Scott and The Waterboys

Key tracks: Bring On The Naps / Oh Dear / My Brother, The Racist /
Jonny / Mr Sunshine

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