Electrifyng Disco Queens – Newest Single ‘GET OFF’ By PINS Activates Your Hips

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 August 2020

PINS is one of the coolest bands on this troubled planet. Electrifying Disco Queens.

They released their third album HOT SLICK (listen below) last May. An incontestable contender for album of this surreal 2020. A pithy disco jukebox making you swing,
shake and swirl. A no fillers all dance killers adrenalin-fueled party soundtrack.

The Manchester ladies dropped album track SET ME OFF as the new single. A funky
mid-tempo groove that activates your hips movements instantly. A sensual and titillating dance floor hit. A slip ‘n’ slide mover. Pithy, spicy, and seductive. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Right here, right now…

Stream/buy ace album HOT SLICK

PINS: Facebook

(press promo photo via FB Pins)

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