Fear The Wacky Weirdos Of LEG PUPPY – They Only Like ‘MEDS AND BEER’

TheyDaily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 August 2020

Never heard of South London’s LEG PUPPY? Here’s what they say about themselves:

“Originally formed amongst a backdrop of bingo callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing
goats and clown worshipers. The electro-psych/multi-media outfit, offer a satirical attack
on the modern world. A complete DIY multi-media band, designing all sleeves, graphics, backdrops, videos and art installations”

Some compare them to the legendary THE KLF, the anti-music-business fanatics,
not only know for their raving dance-techno crackers but also infamous for burning
1 million pounds once upon a time. FACT!

Anyway, Leg Puppy shared – only via Spotify a reworked version of their classic 2018
blockbuster called MEDS AND BEER. Rumour goes the misfits received 1 million pounds from Spotify for that exclusivity. Rumour also goes that they not gonna burn the cash but put it in their pockets and fly to a tax haven. Yes, that’s what greedy capitalists do, folks!

WARNING: Don’t let them fool you with their hallucinating knockout tunes. That’s what they do. Making ass-kicking music that brainwashes your poor mind without leaving traces. Run! Run Run!

One more thing. You’ll hear, on repeat, on this ripper their fake motto: THERE’S NO NEED TO FEAR. Lie, big lie, ladies and gents! Read my lips: Do Not Trust LEG PUPPY. Do Fear These Psychos! I’m warning you one last time. Do not listen to Meds and Beer below on Spotify and do not watch the video of the original version. Capisce?

Do not listen

Do not watch

Ps: I must admit there’s one positive thing to say about these zombies.
They wear the coolest anti-coronavirus mouth masks I’ve seen so far. FACT!

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

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