Awesome Historic Live Album ‘GET YER YA-YA’S OUT!’ By THE ROLLING STONES Released 50 Years Ago

4 September 2020

Band: The Rolling Stones
Album: Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out!
Released: 4 September 1970 – 50 years ago today

Keyline: “Everybody ready? The greatest band in the world… The Rolling Stones!”
From the spoken introduction on the opening track ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’

The late great Lester Bangs wrote back then in Rolling Stone Magazine: “The Rolling Stones are most assuredly not in trouble, and are looking like an even greater force in the
years ahead than they have been. It’s still too soon to tell, but I’m beginning to think Ya-Ya’s
just might be the best album they ever made. I have no doubt that it’s the best rock concert
ever put on record. The Stones, alone among their generation of groups, are not about to fall
by the wayside. And as long as they continue to thrive this way, the era of true rock and roll music will remain alive and kicking with them.”
Full review here.

The record’s spirit

Full album…


Back sleeve

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