From Embryo To Demo To Stereo – British Post Punk Force CROSS WIRES Share It All On ‘A LIFE BEFORE’

4 September 2020

(awesome artwork)

Who: Post punk driven quartet from the UK.
Guilty of making one of the best albums of 2019
with A Life Extinct.

Album: A Life Before
What: Demos/Ep tracks/outtakes/Live recordings
straight from the dusty archives.

The band says: A demo history of varying quality.

says: The band is too modest. What you get here is an authentic document of
an authentic heart & soul punk spirit. No special effects, no fake arty farty pretensions,
no bullshit. Instead you’ll hear anxious screams from basements, razor-sharp racket
from garages, fuss and buzz somewhere from a stage and embryos of songs from
a broken 4-track cassette-player. This record is for real, this band is for real, their
caring mindset is for real, this life before is for real.

Read all details/stories of all tracks on the band’s Bandcamp-page.

Stream/buy A Life Before here…

CROSS WIRES: Facebook  


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