The Divided States Of The Stars And Stripes – Listen To ‘THE RISE AND FALL OF AMERICA’ by THE MOODS

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4 September 2020

THE MOODS are a 9-piece collective of producers, awesome street
poets, and energetic musicians from the Northwest of England combining
drum & bass, reggae, hip-hop and EDM.

Their new rap ripper THE RISE AND FALL OF AMERICA is a rolling rant about
the divided states of the stars and stripes, about guns ruling the streets, about
that 24/7 bully in the White House who only wants himself to be great again and
looks the other way when black people are killed by merciless police cowboys.

A crystal clear stream of cutting lines as sharp as a brand-new Swiss knife.
It’s The Moods‘ towering take on the bombastic American National Anthem. They
rock, roar and rage. Enough is enough! Play this on repeat until the elections in
November. Make America, America again. It’s not too late!

The rise and fall of America
A bullet spangled banner on the grave
The land of the bullets and the guns
The land of the crazed

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