Fight For Your Right To Be The Winner – Go Totally Nuts To ‘DOCKER MARTINS’ By Irish Rockers ARCO ARENA

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7 September 2020

Northern Irish rock turbo ARCO ARENA formed about five years ago.
The vibrant music scene of Dundalk, County Louth is where they operate
regularly and they actually made noise all over Ireland by now.

Described as Queens Of The Stone Age crossed with Northern Irish
post rockers And So I Watch You From Afar they’re ready for a new
high-voltage chapter.

Their newest single called DOCKER MARTINS is a smoking riff-loaded
crackerjack that triggers your Saturday nightmare fever moves. Funky
as bloody hell and sickly sticky from start to finish. A kick-ass hammer
sharp as a serrated knife challenging you to fight for your right to be
the last man standing. Rollicking guitar frenzy and booming bass
bluster à la Jah Wobble blows your mind.

Get your leather jacket out of the closet, put on
your army boots and battle while this messed-up
planet destroys itself. It’s all about surviving, folks.

“Sharpen your Hammers, blunt all your Knives.
Until there’s a winner, ’til somebody dies.
I’d murder the world to save her.”

You can but the single via Bandcamp

ARCO ARENA: Facebook

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