From A To B – From ‘You Love Us’ To ‘STARLOVER’ And ‘SPECTATORS OF SUICIDE’ And ‘STRIP IT DOWN’ (Live)

The other side of the A…

8 September 2020

Band: Manic Street Preachers
B-side: Starlover, Spectators Of Suicide
and Strip It Down (live)
A-side: You Love Us
Released: 7 May 1991


Paint your lips, things fall apart
Flowers of hate caress my skin now
Spend my time sucked up inside
Mutilation kick off all you believe in
Starlover you’re just a souvenir


Spectators of suicide
Exploding in society’s eye
Democracy is an empty lie
Dead like our yesterdays tonight

– STRIP IT DOWN – (live)

“Success and love dictate where skin touches fashion,
Consumerism beauty for cheap appeal,
I don’t wanna dance for people to watch,
Smother my life in interest accounts”


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