Reincarnated Disco Beats – BLACK DOLDRUMS Remixed On ‘METEMPSYCHOSIS’ EP

8 September 2020


Who: Psychedelic shoegaze duo featuring Kevin Gibbard & Sophie Landers producing darkwave soudscapes with an intense, rebellious approach, merging rock ‘n’ roll with euphoric, contemporary psych. More about these most thrilling musicians in the
interview Turn Up The Volume had with the pair last year. You can read it here.

EP: METEMPSYCHOSIS – the term refers to transmigration of the soul, especially
its reincarnation after death. The doctrine of metempsychosis arose in ancient
Greek philosophy, and has been recontextualised by modern philosophers such
as Arthur Schopenhauer and Kurt Gödel. The word also plays an important in James
‘s classic modernist novel Ulysses and is also associated with Nietzsche.

Info: The duo had completed writing their debut LP and planned to head into the studio
in April 2020. As lockdown took effect however, recording was put on hold. With additional time on their hands, the outfit decided to retool five of their previously issued tracks to create the remix EP.

Black Doldrums about the EP: “The approach to this record was to simplify these songs,
allow some space and reveal the roots of the songs, finding the spark that ignited our interest
in writing them the first time around. Going back to the original stems from the studio we discovered so many interesting parts that never made the final record. This time around we were able to explore those sounds more and the songs to have a whole new feel. The process has helped us develop a different approach to making music. Something you’ll see come together for our debut album”.

Score: Lock yourself up, safely, in your basement, dim the lights, put on your headphones and turn up the decibels. Soon your mind will travel to another stereo dimension where you can experience close sonic encounters of the third kind fueled by reincarnated beats and ongoing, repetitive Brian Jonestown Massacre like jams with an otherworldly effect. A fitting soundtrack for the surreal times we live in. Anything can happen when your soul goes on a remixed ride.

See at first the rapid-eye-movement clip for the droning
Palingenesis Remix of It’s A Dandy Massacre

Stream/buy the full party here…


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