Apocalypse 2020 – Join THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA On Their Doomed Odyssey

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9 September 2020

THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA (brilliant name) is a most
intriguing darkwave duo featuring Andrea Papi (Italy) and Samara (Singapore).

With their new electrotastic jackhammer PSYCHOPATH’S MONOLOGUE they take you
on a demonic Odyssey without looking back. Slowly but surely the duo heads towards
a hellish place, called Apocalypse 2020 for a fire and brimstone treatment. It all starts enigmatically with Samara reciting her Dante’s Inferno inspired poem in a haunting
foreplay tone.

When speed and decibels go up all hell breaks loose. Chemical bros beats, Leftfield bangs and industrial uppercuts take over. It’s time now to party like it’s 1999 all over again to a paranoid sound of a perplexed world in virus crisis. And when the orgastic finale kicks in you know that Doomsday is just around the corner.

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